Spring is here, and with it comes Easter, the feast of Love. We usually associate this holiday with the awakening of nature, the beginning of a new cycle of life, and warm emotions of devotion and joy. There are many different traditions around Easter week in the world, many of which come from old ethnic beliefs, folk customs, or sometimes, new interpretations of them.

If you are a religious person, you would probably stick to your yearly Easter routine and use this time to visit church, connect with your community, and participate in yearly celebrations. However, whether you are religious or not, there are plenty of ways to welcome the arrival of spring and Easter time. The important thing is to spend time with your loved ones, have fun, and embrace the feeling of joy and easygoingness  that comes with this time of year. You might also use it to start a new chapter of your life, meet new people or reactivate old connections - every new beginning is being welcomed!

And if you’re struggling with ideas on how to celebrate or you’d just like to try something new, we built a list of Easter activities based on festive customs from all over the world: from the well-known egg hunts to inspiring kite flying & creative Easter traditions, there is something for everyone to enjoy!

Let's start with some typical (and not-so-typical) Easter activities that connect you with the spirit of renewal and joy.

Do your own kind of Easter fasting.

In many cultures, there is a fasting period during the pre-Easter weeks, which symbolizes body and soul purification and asceticism. For example, in the Aramaean tradition, everyone gets a bracelet in the middle of the fasting period, which means that the first half is done. This is a nice way to challenge yourself a bit and reward the effort. If you've always wanted to try a vegan lifestyle, a new meditation routine, or just get rid of some negative habits, this could be the right time to experiment and reward yourself for taking the step.

Fly homemade kites like in Bermuda.

There is a very nice spring-like tradition of kite flying during Easter in Bermuda, which, according to local legend, dates back to the 19th century when a Sunday School teacher had difficulty explaining the ascension of Jesus Christ into heaven to her students. To make it easier for them to understand, she made a kite in the shape of a cross and flew it on Easter Sunday, symbolizing the ascent of Jesus into heaven. Since then, the tradition of designing beautiful kites has become part of Easter activities on the island. Isn´t it a nice activity to try with a goup of friends, including the creative part of kite elaboration?

Hide eggs or roll them down the hill.

As the sun comes out more and the days become longer, the Easter period is usually the time for fun, getting together and doing things outside. Two of the most famous Easter traditions are egg hunting and egg rolling. While both involve eggs and are associated with Easter, they are different in nature. Egg hunting, which originally comes from Germany is a scavenger hunt for hidden eggs, while egg rolling, a scotish tradition is a game that involves rolling decorated eggs down a hill or slope. Both these activities are very playfull and funny and are a nice way of socializing in a group of friends or together with your family.

Engage in some "purifying" traditions.

In many cultures, there are various traditions connected with purification, getting rid of old stuff, breaking with the past, and certainly the renewal of life. Pouring water on each other, as in Hungary; breaking old pottery to welcome the spring, as in Greece; or making a typical Easter fire as a symbol of light to sing songs around or prepare snacks - are all original ways to spend the Easter days with your beloved ones.

Tap your friends with "whips" as is done in the Czech Republic.

This tradition is generally observed in some Eastern European countries and is believed to have pre-Christian roots related to the arrival of spring, the renewal of nature, and the regeneration of life. Nowadays, the tradition is more lighthearted and playful in nature. It is played with a group of friends, using a whip made of willow branches and decorated with colourful ribbons to lightly tap girls and women on their legs. In return, the girls give the boys painted eggs, chocolate, or money. By playing this game with your friends, you could experiment with gender roles, breaking old patriarchal stereotypes and exchanging the masculine and feminine parts of the game to adapt it to modern reality.

Experiment with your creativity.

Don't forget that the Easter week is also a period of freeing your creativity and living your artistic side. Have you ever heard of Ukrainian Pysanky or colorful carpets in Guatemala? Pysanky is a traditional form of egg decoration that involves the use of a wax-resist method to create intricate and colorful designs on eggs. Egg painting is one of the most well-known Easter traditions and can be experimented in different ways and styles. In Guatemala, people create rainbow-hued pathways using colored sawdust, vegetables, and flowers that can stretch up to 800 meters long. Why not getting together with your friends to decorate some Easter eggs or try creating a beautiful ornament in the backyard of your house using chalk, flowers, stones, or whatever your creative souls ask for?

And last but not least: Don't forget cooking!

Enjoy baking tasty Easter bread, Easter cookies (there is a huge variety of them in different cultures), or preparing typical Easter meals, which may vary from cooking a huge omelet, like in France, to different types of meat and BBQ dishes or stews. Invite your family and friends to the Sunday lunch and welcome the arrival of spring in a cheerful atmosphere with a tasty menu!

These are some nice ideas to try during the Easter week! Just keep in mind, Easter time is a perfect moment to recharge your energy, reconnect with yourself and your beloved ones, but also to celebrate new beginnings and perhaps even a new period of life. Stay open and curious to everything the universe might offer you during this time and try to enjoy the spring vibes in a cheerful and even-tempered way!

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